day four

day 4

Everything about my life revolves around food right now.  If I’m not cooking, I’m eating.  Then I’m cooking. Then I’m eating. Then I’m dreaming about cooking (well… that’s kinda a nightmare) and eating (that’s better).

I’m looking forward to the day that I am liberated from the sugar cravings.

Until then, here’s a picture of home-mayo-de (that was funnier in my head, I’m sure) mayonnaise to get us all through until then.  It doesn’t have any sugar in it.

If there’s anyone out there that has done the Whole30 just know I know what it’s like to start imagining your Larabar as a chocolate cake and your orange as a sour patch kid.  I know.

day three

Questions that should have been addressed before attempting the Whole30 endeavor :

A. Just how badly will I miss cheese?

B. How about sour patch kids?

C. There’s no type of cheese I can have? Really?!

D. When does the sugar hangover go away?

E. Do you have to be above a sub-par cooking level?

I cooked five things today, four of which were completely inedible. It was either the lack of cheese or my inexperience cooking. I’ll give you one guess…. 28 days to go.

day two

Wedding planning, and tomagotchis, and whole30 – oh my!

It’s just two days into the new year and holy guacamole I just committed to eat loads of guac for the next 30 days. Oh yeah, and some other healthy food groups, I guess. Let’s get real here though – nothing pulls you out of the post-holiday slump like planning for the future and good food in the belly.

On another note, I haven’t had any cheese for 24 hours. This may be a record for me.